We build Electromechanical construction and Electrical control board since 1987
Leader in the world of constructors of electric equipment and control-boards used in machinery control.



Mass production or Tailor-made projects
Compressors, pumps, refrigerating installations, site and packing machines and food, enological and thermic installations.



Project, production, installation and service.
Our qualified staff, constantly updated will meet your every need.

Delivery to Italy and Europe

The location of the factory allows efficient input and output materials management.



GIOVI was established in 1987 by Rosso family based on their will to realize a Company to be part of the world of constructors of electric equipment and control-boards used in machinery control.

GIOVI is currently among the leading national companies in this line of business and over the years has acquired remarkable experience of control-boards destined for industrial use.

The mass-production is supported by the products designed by our Technical Department and made to Customer’s request and destined in the most heterogeneous sectors sand uses.

The design and the validation of the Customer’s projects, is cared by a Technical Department constantly updated according to the most modern technical systems

The production cycle is entrusted to professionally qualified staff who are periodically updated.

IT Headquarters (mq)

Skilled worker

Electrical Engineer

Satisfied customers



We expect our suppliers to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our quality requirements.

Our Technical Department operates in close collaboration with the Purchasing Department to identify components and suppliers able to offer products with the best characteristics on the market and with good quality/price relation.

We rely on our institutional standards for Purchasing, Security, Health and Environmental Safety valid globally.

Some of our Qualified Suppliers:

Certified quality

The wide range of products meets the main requirements for plant control and management.


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