From the project to the turnkey delivery

For any system, count on us. We specialize in the construction of Civil and Industrial Electrical Systems, plumbing systems, air conditioning systems, fire protection networks.

We find the best solutions to effectively respond to customer requests, with the highest quality guaranteed.

We assure :

  • Punctuality and compliance with the applicable rules
  • Cost compliance
  • Professionalism and courtesy.

For your safety, entrust yourself only to professionals who have gained experience, who have a trained staff that is committed to deepening their knowledge through meticulous studies and constant updates.

Existing plants maintenance

Entrust Giovi for your maintenance or modification of existing systems, to adapt to current regulations.

Electrical installations

Giovi srl has internally high-profile professionals able to design, implement and certify civil and industrial electrical systems, including maintenance.

In the field of industrial electrical systems, our areas of intervention, both for construction and maintenance, are many:

  • construction and installation of electrical substations
  • installation and connection of electrical distribution and control panels
  • automation of industrial processes
  • lighting systems
  • video door entry systems and CCTV
  • special plant engineering for industrial domotics

Always respecting the regulations and guaranteeing high quality work.

As regards civil electrical systems, Giovi puts the same attention and professionalism at the service of the private sector. We build electrical systems on individual apartments or entire buildings (buildings, townhouses, hotels, hospitals and clinics, etc.), or for the construction of home automation: special systems and home automation.

Plumbing, Heating and air conditioning

The air conditioning, heating and / or air conditioning systems must guarantee high levels of environmental comfort, without ever losing sight of the assumptions of reliability and continuity
Giovi manages the design phases, thanks to the internal team, developing system types of any kind.

Giovi is in possession of all the requisites foreseen by the regulations in force for carrying out feasibility studies, design, construction supervision of civil and industrial thermo-technical plants.
We guarantee the realization of plants (hot water and cold, superheated water, steam) as well as works related to the construction of thermal plants (gas, diesel, naphtha, pellets, wood chips), ventilation, air conditioning and air conditioning systems.

Giovi performs hydraulic systems of both new construction and renovation in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Fire networks

We design and build medium and large sized fire and industrial fire detection and extinguishing systems.

The professionalism and dedication of the work team, the constant study and research allow us to prevent and solve the dangers related to the fire with highly innovative techniques, in full respect of the environment and in the total safety of human health.

Anti-theft, video surveillance and anti-intrusion

GIOVI designs and installs cutting-edge devices such as:


  • Alarm systems
  • External and internal anti-theft
  • Closed-circuit television systems
  • Anti robbery devices
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Electronic security equipment and systems for homes and offices


From the project to the realization of commercial activities and housing