Custom-made projects or series production

We are able to designany type of electrical panel for industrial and civil use thanks to our in-house design team.

According to the customer we can offer different types of products: from the simple automation framework to complex management frameworks for industrial production lines.

The electrical panel performs command, power, maneuver, control and protection tasks.

We make electrical panels in compliance with the regulations in force for civil and industrial use and with different uses:

  • Secondary distribution frameworks
  • MCC engine control panels (Motor Control Center)
  • Command frameworks
  • Electrical panels on board the machine
GIOVI's electrical panels can be used for any type of industry

Electrical panels for industrial use and customer specifications


According to the customer we can offer different types of products: from the simple automation framework to complex management frameworks for industrial production lines.

Electrical panels for compressors

We produce Standard and Customized electrical control panels for compressed air management with controlled starts.

Electric panels for lifting bridges and bridge cranes

  • Switchboards for start-up, control and management of play tests for lifts
  • Control panels for start-up, control and bridge crane management

Electrical panels for refrigeration

We supply any type of electrical panel for refrigeration .

  • Customer-specific control panel
  • Three-phase condensing units
  • Three-phase refrigeration systems
  • Single-phase refrigeration systems
  • Condensing units 2 or 3 solenoids
  • Front cell for remote control
  • Single-phase cell front
  • Food seasoning plant
  • Central refrigeration
  • Temperature indicator / converter

We also provide supervisory systems, software and proprietary modules

Electrical panels for swimming pools

We produce electrical panels designed for inground pools and above ground pools, with single-phase or three-phase.


  • Filter pump controls
  • Power supplies for lighting headlights
  • Heating control
  • Level control

Electrical panels for civil and construction use

We supply any type of electrical panels for use civileor for small, medium yards and large dimensions .

Our products range from the simple multi-outlet framework to complex electrical distribution cabinets.

Electric panels for dryers and ovens

Giovi specializes in the design of on-board electrical systems and the associated electrical control panels for ovens and dryers.

Rely on our in-house technicians at Isola d’Asti for your tailor-made projects. Furthermore we are always up to date on the current regulations, guarantee of reliability and unbeatable resistance.

Electrical panels for food and wine making machines

Not only that, the commitment and daily constancy of our design staff have allowed us to grow and test increasingly advanced technologies that improve the quality of work and optimize costs.

Electrical panels for Woodworking Machines

We produce control panels and electrical panels on the machine for the start-up and control of woodworking machines

We create custom-made electrical panels, we guarantee the certification of electrical systems in addition to the maintenance and assistance service.

Electrical panels for Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Electric Pumps and Level Management

It is always necessary to choose the model of electrical panel suitable for the type of installation to be carried out
The electrical panels vary in size, appearance and power levels.

Giovi realizes a wide range of panels that control from 1 to 3 motors, single-phase or three-phase with a voltage of 230V or 400V. Therefore it is important to be able to choose the right framework for your installation, as it acts by controlling the motor directly, causing the pumps to start and stop.

Electrical panels for quarries

Design and construction of electrical panels for industry and quarrying.

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Company with quality management system certified ISO 9001: 2008 for the following activities:

Design and manufacture of low voltage switchgear and control




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