Custom-made projects or series production

Thanks to our in-house design team, we can design any kind of switchboards for industrial and civil purposes.

On customer request, we offer different types of production: from the individual Automation Panel Boards for industrial lines.

The technical panel handles command, performance and maneuvering, control and protection.
We manufacture control panels in accordance with the applicable regulations for civil, industrial and various purposes:

  • Secondary distribution
  • MCC engine control panels (Motor Control Center)
  • Control panels
  • Electrical control panels on the machine
GIOVI's electrical panels can be used for any type of industry

Control Board for Industrial use and on the specification of customer

On customer’s request we can offer different types of products: from the simple automation panel a complex management frameworks for lines of industrial production.

Control board for Compressors

We produce electrical control panels Standard and Customized for air management tablet with controlled starts.

Control board for Lift and Bridges Cranes

Design and implementation of:

  • Control panels for start-up, control and bridge play test management lifters
  • Control panels for start-up, control and bridge crane management

Control board for Refrigeration

We supply all types of electrical frames for the cooling.

  • Control panel as specified by the customer
  • Three-phase condensing units
  • Three phase cooling systems
  • Single phase cooling systems
  • 2 or 3 solenoid condensing units
  • Cell front for remote control
  • Single-phase cell front
  • Food hardening plant
  • Cooling center
  • Temperature display / converter
  • We also offer surveillance systems, proprietary
  • Software and modules

Control board for swimming pools

We produce electrical panels designed for inground pools and above ground pools, with single-phase or three-phase current.


  • Filter pump controls
  • Power supplies for lighting headlights
  • Heating control
  • Level control

Control board for Civil use, of Shipyard or on customer specification

We supply any type of electric Panels for civil use or for building sites of small, medium and large.

Our products vary from the simple multi-outlet framework directed up to complex electrical distribution cabinets.

Control board for Dryers and Ovens

Giovi is specialized in design of electrical systems on the machine and of the relative electrical control panels for ovens and dryers.

Trust our in-house technicians of Isola d’Asti, for your projects on measure. Furthermore we are always up to date on the regulations in force, guarantee of unbeatable reliability and resistance.

Control board for Food Machines

We design, manufacture, and test electrical panels for the food sector. A sector where to increase productivity, we push to the maximum the automation.

Not only that daily commitment and perseverance from our design staff, have allowed us to always growing and testing technologies more advanced that improve the quality of the work and optimize costs.

Application examples:

  • Control Panels for machines intended for production of pasta, chocolate etc …
  • Control Panels for machines intended for meat processing.
  • Control Panels for machines intended for filling and dosage of some ingredients

Control board for Wine production machines

We design, manufacture and test electrical panels for the wine sector. This sector as well as the food sector pushes automation to the maximum.

Our Control Panels command and manage bottling lines, lines for packaging, recovery lines of bottles and special machines.

Control board for Packaging

We design electrical panels for the packaging in various sectors:

  • food: for packaging of food
  • pharmaceutical: for packaging by blister
  • oenological: for packaging of the bottles
  • industrial: vertical warehouses,
  • packaging machines, etc…

Control board for Photovoltaic systems

We make electrical panels for systems photovoltaic systems for both civil and industrial. Using only certified components that comply with current regulations.

The realization of the electrical panel takes place according to specifications of the system to be controlled.

Control board for Woodworking Machines

We produce control panels and panels electric machine board for starting and control of processing machines of wood.

We create customer-specific switchboards, we guarantee the certification of the electrical systems as well as the service for maintenance and customer service.

Control board for Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Electric Pumps and Levels Management

Giovi realizes a wide range of panels that control 1 to 3 motors, single-phase or three-phase with 230V voltage or 400V.

So it is important to be able to choose the right framework for your installation, since it acts by controlling it directly the engine, determining starting and stopping the pumps.

Control board for Quarry

Design and serial construction of electrical panels for industry and quarries extraction.

Electric power panels Medium and High Voltage

Consisting of one or more busbar systems with the tools necessary for the operation of the various lines connected to them.

  • Fixed switches;
  • Main breakers;
  • Isolators and earthing devices;
  • T.V. and T.A.;
  • Cable terminals;
  • Load-bearing and through insulators;
  • Rigid and flexible connections;
  • Additional components:
  • Auxiliary circuit components;
  • Command and maneuvering equipment;
  • Measurement tools;
  • Protection relays;
  • Alarm circuits;
  • Consent and block circuits.

Electrical panels in explosive environment “Atex”

Project and production of electrical panels compliant with the “ATEX” regulation. The ATEX Directive provides for a classification of equipment installation areas.

The producers must therefore supply adequate equipment for the Customer’s area of belonging. The field of application of the legislation involves gas and dust, therefore the work environments must be purified through suitable suction systems.

The Directive examines the risks of explosion of any kind, whether electrical or not, and regulates, classifies the appliances in categories according to the type of protection insured, regulates the introduction of the essential safety requirements and monitors the production processes based on business quality systems.

Control panel for Naval Sector

We design and create Control Panels for the naval sector, our production spaces from the small boat to the great cruise ship, merchant or military.

We design and realize for the naval sector panels of power, distribution, automation and monitoring.

Columns of electrical and water distribution

Fixed and mobile columns for electrical distribution, practical and comfortable for private, public use, stadiums, ports, etc…

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ISO 9001 and UL certified company for the following activities:

Design and Production of low voltage electrical boards and control




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