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Design and assistance on site, lighting consultancy, installation with qualified personnel, after-sales service and repair, home automation and remote management of lighting control systems, building automation systems.

Giovi designs and installs lighting systems and supplies, entrusted to our expert technicians for lighting interiors, exteriors and lighting, lighting and LED technology.


Custom-made projects

Giovi Interior Lighting.

Proper lighting is one of the most important requirements in residential and commercial properties. Not only that, proper lighting is practical, but the right combination of lighting will bring with it the atmosphere and style that will transform various spaces around the home or office.

Whether you need functional lights that ensure a bright and comfortable room, dimmable lights that emit a warm light for ambient lighting or accent lighting that requires attention for a special function, our qualified electricians at Giovi srl they can help you.
We are able to ensure all internal electrical systems with safe wiring and ensure adequate lighting control throughout your home or business. Do you need help? Ask for our advice on which lighting best meets your needs.


Custom-made projects

Giovi External lighting.

Outdoor lighting plays a key role in both aesthetics and the safety of your home or business.

Are you trying to turn your home’s outdoor spaces into usable day and night areas? Or maybe install some light sensors to improve the overall security of the outdoor areas and scare off unwanted intruders?

Whatever your needs, there is a wide range of options available for outdoor lighting, and Giovi is here to help. Our qualified electricians can install and maintain everyone the types of lighting systems, including projectors, motion sensor lights, timer-based lights and pool lighting.

Giovi Internal and external illuminations.

Today the illuminations are no longer intended as a simple sequence of lights but represent a true work of art. The illuminations decorate our cities, streets and buildings, hotels and small shops from shopping centers to private homes. Today everyone wants to make their property unique with lights present both inside and outside.

Giovi designs and manufactures interior and exterior lights, Christmas lights or for special occasions or events


Design and construction of civil and industrial building works